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3D Printing / CNC Prototyping

Schererville, IN – Automation & Control Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new, larger Stratasys 3D Printer. This printer actually “prints” fully functional solid ABS Plastic parts directly from 3D CAD files, such as those produced on our SolidWorks 3D modeling software. This new equipment allows us to instantly build larger prototypes and assemblies in multiple colors to test design concepts and the fit of components before finalizing a design. In some instances the parts can be used as finished components where the durability and compatibility of the ABS material is suitable for the application.

If the prototype parts meet our needs we can then manufacture them in more durable form on our CNC equipment. Our 4-axis Haas CNC Vertical Machining Center and Haas CNC Lathe allow use to fabricate parts and components out of a variety of thermoplastics, Stainless Steel, Titanium, or a variety of other specialty materials. This printer along with our CNC Machines add to our existing fabrication and machining capabilities, allowing us to have total control over the design, testing,and manufacturing phases without the need to work around another vendor’s schedule or wait days or weeks to receive prototypes and associated feedback from the end user. In addition to custom, one-of-a-kind parts these machines are also well-suited for production runs of any size.

Please contact us if we can produce prototype components for you on our 3D printer, are in need of any machining related design or fabrication work, or have specific questions regarding our overall prototyping and CNC Machining Services. 3D printing is just the latest area that Automation & Control Services, Inc. is working to be the solution to all of your manufacturing and product development related needs.

About Automation & Control Services, Inc. – We believe our multi-faceted approach to Manufacturing, Product development, Automation System Integration, and Project Management makes us unique in our industry. We can provide a much broader impact on a project by leveraging our early design and prototyping capabilities. This allows us to be involved at an earlier stage and better understand the overall project while having helped develop much of the fine detail. Much of this detail and insight would be lost if we only provided just a PLC program or Control Panel.

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