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Yaskawa Robotics (Motoman) & FANUC Robotics Integration Partner

Automation & Control Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the renewal of our Integrator agreements with Yaskawa Robotics and FANUC Robotics.  We continue to focus our attention on a variety of material handling, robotic welding, painting, polishing, grinding, and component handling applications where traditional fixture and machine design may not provide the flexibility that can be achieved with a multi-axis robotic arm.

To strengthen our presence in the packaging machine design and development areas we have also partnered with Codian Robotics to integrate their line of Delta and Two Axis Robot manipulators into custom designed, high speed pick and place robots.  These systems allow a high degree of flexibility and customization with lower costs of entry than traditional robotic or servo based control packaging systems. Starting with the Codian manipulator system reduces the time to complete the mechanical design and also leverages the use of pre-existing motion profiles within a PLC controller.  This can reduce system development time for custom high-speed packaging and sorting applications from months to weeks.

Our extensive background in industrial controls programming, combined with our in-house prototyping and CNC fabrication services, provides us a unique ability to design & build custom manipulators and tooling for our robotic applications.   This allows us to fully integrate these within a more complex assembly system.  We provide everything required for turn-key systems from basic safety & guarding requirements to full integration with other assembly equipment.  Applications from simple pick & place to complex vision inspection can be handled 100% in-house greatly increasing the efficiency of the overall integration and design process and insuring complete confidentiality of your manufacturing process.

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